Improving the Success Rate of Gifted Middle School Students with Various Exceptionalities in the Academic Classroom Setting

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My action research project was completed as part of the requirements for my Master’s degree in Education, Curriculum & Instruction.

This action research project was designed to improve the success rate of students with various exceptionalities academically through the implementation of various learning strategies in the classroom setting. Prior to implementing the solution strategy, gifted students with specific disabilities were meeting with difficulty in their honors and accelerated classes. Student behaviors, lack of organization, and lack of study strategies were just a few of the multiple reasons these students were not scoring 85% or above on all academic assignments (homework, class work, and assessments). Gifted students with exceptionalities received various effective strategies and organizational techniques to use within and outside of the classroom setting. Analysis of the data indicated that the combination of strategies implemented contributed to an improved academic success rate for of students with various exceptionalities.

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