Mitosis & Cytokinesis Interactive Digital Notebook

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Use this complete lesson to continue teaching cellular reproduction, now focusing on mitosis and cytokinesis. Includes warm up question and exit ticket.

These slides review interphase, and go in depth with mitosis and cytokinesis. Students learn the phases prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis and are expected to explain what happens to the chromosomes in each phase.

This assignment covers the following topics:

  • A quick review of interphase
  • mitosis
  • prophase
  • metaphase
  • anaphase
  • telophase
  • cytokinesis

Perfect for distance learning, blended learning classes, or homeschool. Students are tasked with manipulating something on every slide.

Designed for google classroom. Students can work on chromebooks, tablets, or just about any device that can access google slides to complete this assignment. Great for a blended classroom or fully online.

Includes answer key.

Get your copy today at TPT

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