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Have a question about one of my resources? Check the FAQ below to see if it’s already been addressed. Have a suggestion you’d like to share? I’d love to hear it. Want to create a special resource for your classroom? Don’t hesitate to contact me! Just fill out the form to let me know your needs. I check my messages daily and hope to get back to you with 24-48 hours!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not! According to my terms, you are purchasing a license for a single teacher. If you wish to share the product with your department, you will need to purchase multiple licenses, for which I offer discounts. 

You can only upload my products if you password protect them or if you put them on a site such as google classroom or blackboard that requires students to log in. 

This depends on the product.

Many of my classroom management files are editable because every teacher needs to be able change their rules and procedures to fit their classroom. 

My notes are pdfs or google slides that students fill in, but can’t be edited. However, some of them do come with the editable file. 

A large portion of my blended learning/digital assignments are editable, but only through the master slide. 

I’ve discovered most schools have blocked student emails from viewing google documents that aren’t authored under their domain. This is why I’ve made it so most files are set up to be copied by the teacher before assigning them to their students. 

Since many of the digital assignments have links embedded on each page for students to use as their resource material, teachers who run into the issue with students being unable to access these files can do one of two things: 

  1. Copy the file to their account and then update the students with the link now that they are the owner of the source document
  2. Tell students to open the source material link in a different browser that they aren’t signed into (I always have students work in chrome and use safari or firefox as backup)

My classroom students are my first editors, so thank you for finding something both they and I missed. Please fill out this form letting me know of the error so I can correct it and get a new copy out to you.